I love food. I'm one of those people that lives to eat (rather than eats to live). I watch Food Network and Cooking Channel and the Travel Channel too. I read cookbooks for fun. However...I am not bound by recipes, I don't measure all of the time, and I don't run to the store everyday.
I try to stock up on items that are versatile and taste good to me...kind of like a good wardrobe - you should always have the essentials (e.g. jeans, white t-shirts, brown belt) - and then you add accessories that make an outfit stand out. With food, your essentials may be milk, butter, bread, and eggs. Add cheddar cheese, ham, and peppers - you've got yourself a Denver omelet with a side of toast! Your pantry, fridge, and freezer should be filled with items that are essential to your life and your taste buds.

With loving to eat comes loving to travel and experience new places and cultures. I'll take you on my adventures through the United States and abroad, showing you where I find a lot of my inspiration.

I hope that you find some ideas for creating new meals in your own kitchen.

Happy Cookin'!

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