Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spring Travel and an Inspired Foodie

The beach in Cancun, where the hubby and I spent our days last week

It's been a month since I first posted and haven't been able to get it together until now because I've been traveling. It made me think that I should also use this platform to share my culinary adventures outside my kitchen. After all, I live in Los Angeles County. There are good eats on every corner and in between. Not only that, I love to why not share the loads of photos that I take of my meals out and about with my hubby and friends? I think I will, thanks. :)

It's true, I've been in quite a few airports lately. I started in Colorado, where this blog was born (after a friend's wedding in Boulder), came home for few days and headed for Las Vegas, and then a week later I was on the beach in Cancun, Mexico for another 7 days (can I get a "woot!" for vacation?). Now I'm back to start the summer. Hopefully I will be cooking more, and therefore, blogging more too. I'm really looking forward to it!

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