Saturday, July 23, 2011

Exploring K-town, Part 1

Last week we went with our friend Aaron to try Korean-Japanese food in L.A.'s Koreatown (a.k.a. K-town). Aaron was talking up this chirashi bowl that is served with only fish roe. If you've known me a while, you know I love me some caviar. I grew a taste for the salty beads of delight when I went on my first cruise at age 6. Yes, at 6 years old, I ate caviar at practically every meal for 7 days...true story.

We headed to A-Won Restaurant, got seated and ordered our dish of choice: a bed of sticky white sushi rice topped with a layer of marinated seaweed and a variety of fish eggs. Black ones, red ones, yellow ones, fatty salmon ones, sea urchin ones, and even green wasabi-flavored ones. I think I experienced a bowl of HEAVEN for a good 15 minutes until my bowl was clean.

I think I could make this at home. Virtually no cooking involved  (besides the rice)!

Perhaps the best part about Korean-Japanese food (and perhaps the one thing that distinguishes it from just plain Japanese food) is the side dishes. I didn't snap a photo, but we also got about 4 dishes of kimchee and other pickled goodies to munch on. A new love for just $16.95. Stay tuned because this week, I'm going to try Korean-Chinese food! Happy eating!

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