Thursday, August 4, 2011

Exploring K-Town, Part 2

, SoLast week, I made my way back to K-town for Korean-Chinese food at China Gate Restaurant. My friends Linda and Sarah met me there and we feasted. For real. Good thing I skipped breakfast.

They have a lot of classic Chinese dishes, but with a Korean twist. For example, we had sweet & sour pork, but it had a thicker batter and they also offer it using beef instead of pork. Though there are mainly Chinese type dishes, you know it's Korean-owned when they pull out the little dishes...

The side dishes: raw onion with fermented black bean paste and kimchee
 My favorite dish was the Jajangmyun. It was the first time I'd tried it, and it was delicious. I could have eaten that whole bowl by myself, but I held back.

Jajangmyun: Korean black bean paste noodles with diced onion and zucchini
Mixing it up and cutting it so it's easier to serve - love the scissors!
From left top, clockwise, the rest of the meal:
steamed buns, sweet & sour pork, steamed white rice, and jellyfish with sauteed vegetables
They gave us mini steamed buns to soak up all the yummy sauces from the sweet and sour pork and jellyfish. Nice bonus. Chinese restaurants usually only give you bread like that with Peking duck. Also, I'd never had jellyfish in a hot dish. It was stir-fried with green onion, zucchini, carrots, and chicken. Pretty tasty, though I think I prefer my jellyfish cold. How do you like yours? ;o)

Overall, it was a great new find. Homestyle Chinese food with Korean flavor - a new kind of comfort food.

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