Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Nice to Be Home

I've been away from Blogland. Over the past two weeks you would have found me running around town like a headless chicken, working the biggest event of my career to date, then jet-setting to Washington state for a looooooong and needed weekend break with hubby, tossing my friends' kids in the air just hear them giggle, wine-tasting in the middle of nowhere, and eating a lot more calories than I was expending. Life gets busy sometimes.

But, oh, it's nice to be home. 

One stop I made in the middle of the madness was at a place that's one of the reasons I fell for Los Angeles. I wasn't always a fan of this place I've called home for almost 6 years since I left Paris. When I arrived, everything in me wanted to hate it. The traffic, lack of lush green parks, (little to) no public transportation, crowded parking lots...but then I started visiting lovely little holes in the wall, like Amandine: a French bakery run by Japanese in the middle of Wilshire Boulevard. Love.

Quiche du Jour, the simplest side salad of mixed baby greens, 2 slices of tomato, 2 cornichons (little pickles), and a decaf non-fat latte, please.

A little peace in the midst of busyness. A little comfort in the midst of a crazy schedule. A little escape to Paris in the middle of Southern California. Home away from (my French) home. Love, love, love.

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